CCSE Overview

Expert users who need to perform advanced deployment configurations of Check Point Software Blades.


Validate your understanding and skills necessary to configure and optimally manage Check Point Next Generation Firewalls.

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CHECK POINT CYBER SECURITY ENGINEERING (CCSE) (Supported Versions: R80.10 and above)

  • System Management
  • Automation and Orchestration
  • Acceleration
  • SmartEvent
  • Mobile and Remote Access
  • Threat Prevention
  • Upgrading a Security Management Server to R80.10
  • Applying Check Point Hotfixes
  • Configuring a New Security Gateway Cluster
  • Core CLI Elements of Firewall Administration
  • Configuring Manual Network Address Translation
  • Managing Objects Using the Check Point API
  • Enabling Check Point VRRP
  • Deploying a Secondary Security Management Server
  • Viewing the Chain Modules
  • Working with SecureXL
  • Working with CoreXL
  • Evaluating Threats with SmartEvent
  • Managing Mobile Access
  • Understanding IPS Protections
  • Deploying IPS Geo Protection
  • Reviewing Threat Prevention Settings and Protections
  • Deploying Threat Emulation and Threat Extraction
  • Identify advanced CLI commands.
  • Understand system management procedures, including how to perform system upgrades and apply patches and hotfixes.
  • Describe the Check Point Firewall infrastructure.
  • Describe advanced methods of gathering important gateway data using CPView and CPInfo.
  • Recognize how Check Point’s flexible API architecture supports automation and orchestration.
  • Discuss advanced ClusterXL functions.
  • Describe VRRP network redundancy advantages.
  • Undersand how SecureXL acceleration technology is used to enhance and improve performance.
  • Understand how CoreXL acceleration technology is used to enhance and improve performance.
  • Identify the SmartEvent components that store network activity logs and identify events.
  • Discuss the SmartEvent process that determines which network activities may lead to security issues.
  • Understand how SmartEvent can assist in detecting, remediating, and preventing security threats.
  • Discuss the Mobile Access Software Blace and how it secures communication and data.
  • Understand Mobile Access deployment options. Recognize Check Point Remote Access solutions.
  • Discuss Check Point Capsule components and how they protect mobile devices and business documents.
  • Discuss diferent Check Point Solutions for attacks such as zero-day and Advanced Persistent Threats.
  • Understand how SandBlast, Threat Emulation, and Threat Extraction prevent security incidents.
  • Identify how Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention can help protect data accessed on company-issued smartphones and tablets.
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (200-301 CCNA) is recommended before.
  • Knowledge of network protocols
  • Basic understanding of firewall concepts

Networking, System and security professionals involved in the management, configuration,
administration, and monitoring of Security devices used to secure their organizations & networks should attend this course

Know about Checkpoint CCSE training in Bangalore for 100% job placement

Check Point Certified Security Engineering is abbreviated as CCSE training in Bangalore is provided by one of Bangalore’s best training institutes, Cloud Synergy. Threat prevention and security management solutions are provided by Check Point Software Technologies. Cyber threats are prevented across networks, cloud, and mobile operations with their latest Gen V multilevel security architecture.

Checkpoint CCSE training Certifications can be obtained through the Cloudsynergy’s Checkpoint CCSE Firewall Training course in Bangalore. When you earn the famous CheckPoint CCSE training Certification, your knowledge, expertise, and abilities will be immediately recognised. You will get a job immediately by the best companies and have a better future with our institute’s training certificates.

CloudSynergy is devoted to Checkpoint certification programmes, such as CCSA and CCSE, in order to grow the number of Checkpoint Certified Engineers. Administrators, SOC analysts, entry-level/intermediate-level penetration testers, and network engineers can all benefit from these certificates.

The purpose of these certification Checkpoint CCSE training programmes is to certify students’ profound understanding of cutting-edge Cyber Security dangers.

Only Checkpoint CCSE training Certified Instructors and Checkpoint-developed courseware are used by CloudSynergy, and we adhere to the same high quality requirements as Checkpoint Education Services.

Checkpoint CCSE certified teachers from CloudSynergy in Bangalore will assist Checkpoint end-users in becoming cyber security experts.For security professionals interested in taking our CheckPoint CCSE Firewall Training Course, CloudSynergy offers a Free Demo Session. This will give you an idea of how we present our classroom lessons. You will be given a tour of our state-of-the-art labs, which contain Check Point products.

You will have the opportunity to interact with our Certified Trainers and gain a better understanding of the scope and growth opportunities in the Check Point sector. We have state-of-the-art Training Labs and offer extended Lab sessions for Check Point product setup. With so much practice, you’ll be able to configure and maintain Check Point Next Generation Firewalls with ease.

When you enrol for the Cloudsynergy’s CheckPoint CCSE Training Course in Bangalore, you will be given the option to take three free refresher training sessions. We respond to your questions and doubts via Chat, Whatsapp, and Emails 24 hours a day.

Our students receive complete placement assistance from us. We can help you prepare an impressive CV, confidently approach job interviews, and more. Based on theory and practical sessions, we also put up a question bank with over 100 network security questions. This study guide is quite useful for methodically preparing for interviews and certification examinations.


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