Course Introduction

This course provides you with the hands-on practice on ASA. This training is intended to train network security engineers working on the ASA Adaptive Security Appliance to execute core Cisco ASA features, new ASA 9.0 and 9.1 features. After completing this course, students will be able to deploy Application Access in ASA Clientless SSL VPN

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SASAC - Implementing Core Cisco ASA Security v1.0

  • ASA/Firepower Introduction
  • ASA/Firepower Installing
  • ASA/Firepower System and Health Policies
  • ASA/Firepower Object Management
  • ASA/Firepower IPS Policies
  • ASA/Firepower File Policies
  • ASA/Firepower Access Control Policies
  • ASA/Firepower Access Control Policies Part 2
  • ASA/Firepower Network Discovery Policy
  • ASA/Firepower Network Discovery Policy Part 2
  • ASA/Firepower Reporting
  • ASA/Firepower Event Analysis
  • ASA/Firepower Snort Preprocessors
  • ASA/Firepower Correlation Policies
  • ASA/Firepower Correlation Policies Part 2

• Firewall Technologies
• Cisco ASA Features
• Cisco ASA Hardware
• Cisco ASA Licensing Options
• Cisco ASA Licensing Requirements

• Managing the Cisco ASA Boot Process
• Managing the Cisco ASA Using the CLI
• Managing the Cisco ASA Using Cisco ASDM
• Navigating Basic Cisco ASDM Features
• Managing the Cisco ASA Basic Upgrade
• Managing Cisco ASA Security Levels
• Configuring and Verifying Basic Connectivity Parameters
• Configuring and Verifying Interface VLANs
• Configuring a Default Route
• Configuring and Verifying the Cisco ASA Security Appliance DHCP Server
• Troubleshooting Basic Connectivity

• NAT on Cisco ASA Security Appliances
• Configuring Object (Auto) NAT
• Configuring Manual NAT
• Tuning and Troubleshooting NAT on the Cisco ASA
• Connection Table and Local Host Table
• Configuring and Verifying Interface ACLs
• Configuring and Verifying Global ACLs
• Configuring and Verifying Object Groups
• Configuring and Verifying Public Servers
• Configuring and Verifying Other Basic Access Controls
• Static Routing
• Dynamic Routing
• EIGRP Configuration and Verification
• Multicast Support

• Cisco MPF Overview
• Configuring and Verifying Layer 3 and Layer 4 Policies
• Configuring and Verifying a Policy for Management Traffic
• Layer 5 to Layer 7 Policy Control Overview
• Configuring and Verifying HTTP Inspection
• Configuring and Verifying FTP Inspection
• Supporting Other Layer 5 to Layer 7 Applications

• VPN Definition
• VPN Types
• VPN Components
• Cisco ASA VPN Policy Configuration
• Cisco ASA Connection Profiles
• Cisco ASA Group Policies
• Cisco ASA VPN AAA and External Policy Storage
• Cisco ASA User Attributes
• Access Control Methods
• VPN Accounting Using External Servers
• Dynamic Access Policy for SSL VPN
• Using PKI
• Provisioning Server-Side Certificates on the Cisco ASA Adaptive Security Appliance
• CA Servers
• Deploying Client-Based Certificate Authentication
• Enable Certificate Authentication in Connection Profile
• Configuring Certificate-to-Connection Profile Mappings

• Cisco Clientless SSL VPN
• Cisco Clientless SSL VPN Use Cases
• Cisco Clientless SSL VPN Resource Access Methods
• Secure Sockets Layer and Transport Layer Security
• SSL Session Setup and Key Management
• SSL Server Authentication
• SSL Client Authentication
• SSL Transmission Protection
• Basic Cisco Clientless SSL VPN
• Server Authentication in Basic Clientless SSL VPN
• Client-side Authentication in Basic Clientless SSL VPN
• Clientless SSL VPN URL Entry and Bookmarks• Basic Access Control for Clientless SSL VPN
• Disabling Content Rewriting
• Basic Clientless SSL VPN Configuration Tasks
• Basic Clientless SSL VPN Configuration Scenario
• Configuring Basic Cisco Clientless SSL VPN
• Cisco Clientless SSL VPN Application Access Overview
• Application Plug-Ins
• Configuring Application Plug-ins
• Troubleshooting Clientless SSL VPN Application Plug-Ins
• Smart Tunnels
• Client-side Authentication Options
• Client-side Authentication and Authorization Using AAA Server
• Double Client-side Authentication Using AAA Servers

• Basic Cisco AnyConnect SSL VPN
• SSL VPN Clients Authentication
• SSL VPN Clients IP Address Assignment
• SSL VPN Split Tunneling
• Enable AnyConnect SSL VPN
• Define IP Address Pool
• Configure Identity NAT
• Configure Group Policy
• Configure Group Policy: Split Tunneling
• Configure Connection Profile
• Monitor AnyConnect VPN on Client
• Monitor AnyConnect VPN on Server
• Cisco AnyConnect SSL VPN Solution Components
• DTLS Overview
• Parallel DTLS and TLS Tunnels
• Configure DTLS
• Verify DTLS
• Cisco AnyConnect Client Configuration Management
• Managing Cisco AnyConnect Software from Cisco ASA
• Cisco AnyConnect Client Operating System Integration Options
• Deploying Cisco AnyConnect Trusted Network Detection
• Cisco AnyConnect Start Before Logon
• Deploying Cisco AnyConnect Start Before Logon
• Cisco AnyConnect Advanced Authentication Scenarios
• Certificate-Based Server Authentication
• Client Enrollment Methods

• Configuring and Verifying EtherChannel
• Configuring and Verifying Redundant Interfaces
• Configuring Cisco ASA Active / Standby Failover High Availability
• Tuning and Managing Active / Standby Failover
• Remote Command Execution
• Multiple-Context Mode
• Configuring Security Contexts
• Configuring and Verifying Resource Management

Cisco Certified Network Associate (200-301 CCNA) is recommended before.

Networking, System and security professionals involved in the management, configuration, administration, and monitoring of Security devices used to secure their organizations’ networks should attend this course.

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In order to support sophisticated commercial activities, today’s networks and organisational infrastructures at CloudSynergy are becoming increasingly multidimensional. As a result, there is a growing demand for competent and trained personnel who can set up and maintain these systems as well as properly handle a company’s daily operations.

Candidates who complete Cisco ASA  certification training in Bangalore from CloudSynergy can expand their network security  knowledge and understanding to include products other than Cisco Systems. Candidates will learn how to operate various IT and network secuity systems as well as comprehend how network security topologies work in order to create a reliable and secure connection throughout the course programme. Candidates will be able to secure jobs in top MNCs all around the world by completing the Cisco ASA training course in Bangalore from one of the best training institutes CloudSynergy, with this exceptional networking knowledge.

Cisco ASA certification training in Bangalore is best suited to prospective IT professionals who want to improve their network security knowledge and skills. Aside from that, novices or entry-level engineers who wish to broaden their horizons and improve their career prospects by adding a Cisco ASA certification to their résumé can enrol in this certification training course.

We at CloudSynergy, provide you with Weekly assignments and all study material in PDF format, module-by-module projects and case studies, particularly crafted study material for quick Cisco certification, as well as comprehensive career coaching and assistance for the Cisco ASA training in Bangalore.

Job opportunities for Cisco certification training courses:

Cisco ASA certifications in Bangalore,certify abilities in network Security , one of the most diverse IT disciplines. Obtaining these credentials is the surest way to improve your professional prospects and increase your pay. Having Cisco ASA certifications from CloudSynergy in Bangalore, on your resume is a terrific method to attract companies and recruiters’ attention. These certificates attest to a candidate’s knowledge of how to manage complicated network solutions. If you wish to further your career, you’ll need to obtain a suitable Cisco certification.

Cisco ASA training is the world’s leading network security Course training, and it has revolutionised the way people communicate, collaborate, and connect. This one of the greatest technology behemoths, based in the United States, designs and distributes consumer electronics, communication, and networking technologies. You will get a guaranteed job placement after finishing the Cisco ASA course in Bangalore from Cloud Synergy.

Cisco certificates are often regarded as the most effective qualifications for IT network workers around the world. Cisco Systems is a networking and communication company that focuses on products and services. The system is best known for its business routing and switching technologies, which aid in the management of direct data, video, and audio traffic across worldwide networks. Cisco ASA certification training courses in Bangalore range from entry-level credentials for beginners to advanced programmes for specialists, and are ideal for anybody wishing to launch a successful career.

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