Why is Linux so important for your career building?

Do you already know the benefits of Linux for the IT area? Have you ever wondered if Linux is worth learning and how would it add value to your resume or career? If so, it’s time to understand why you learn Linux and how you can use it in the workforce.

Why Do Companies Use Linux?

First, you need to understand the demand for this operating system. According to a study by SUSE, 83% of companies run Linux on their servers. The main reasons for the growing adoption of Linux are:

Cost: Linux is free software. This means that it can be used, modified and redistributed as the user needs. Linux can be downloaded free of charge from the vendor, sometimes with some support costs or other additional services. But, the price is considerably lower compared to its main competitors, Windows and OS X.

Independence from Suppliers: As free software, Linux also allows companies to adapt it according to their needs, autonomously and independently. So, in one way, IT professionals can build their system from Linux, which makes work more practical and agile. Therefore, companies are opting for Linux to reduce the unwanted dependency on suppliers.

Performance: Several applications present on the day-to-day basis of companies run better with Linux. Just to illustrate, most databases, business intelligence systems, web servers, CRM systems, custom applications and CMS systems. Thus, Linux is essential for organizations, as they increasingly need performance and results.

Information Security: According to studies, Linux is widely accepted by organizations and considered secure by most corporate server environments. Being open and having a growing community of developers, the code is constantly being improved. Thus, flaws are quickly identified by the developer community and as soon as they are fixed. Consequently, the system offers greater security.

Linux and Its Interrelation with Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is growing daily around the world, and Linux has a strong presence on cloud computing servers. Therefore, professionals who master this technology and know-how to correlate it to cloud computing systems will always be in demand. Brazil is already the fifth in the ranking of daily use of mobile devices in the world. In this scenario, Android is the most widely used operating system and is closely linked to the code behind Linux. So, if you want to be a mobile developer, learning Linux will be of great help.

Why Is Learning Linux Essential To Work In The IT Field?

As you have seen so far, Linux is behind the most adopted applications in IT companies and the technology departments of organizations in general. In short, when you become Linux-enabled, you will be able to act wisely with:

  • Database;
  • Cloud computing;
  • Web development;
  • Mobile development;
  • Systems analysis Etc.

Thus, this knowledge will transform you into a more competitive professional since you will have the necessary domain to develop and manage the information systems of most companies. In other words, you will have a highly desirable resume.

In addition to starting a career in the IT field, being an essential professional for your organization’s systems, the chances of staying in the market are also greater, even in times of crisis. Finally, knowing Linux will help your growth in the IT field. This way, you will be able to reach higher positions, such as IT Manager and even Director of Technology, for example. So, learning Linux is essential, whether you want to start, stay, or grow in an IT career.

Why Learning Linux Should Be Your Priority

Surely you know or at least have heard of Linux. The core (Kernel) of operating systems most used by developers and IT professionals. Linux operating systems have captured the hearts of developers all over the world since the beginning of their project in 1991. Simple and reliable, Linux was based on another system, UNIX, being created as a “hobby” by Linus Torvalds.

At that time, Linus was unpretentious. Little did he know that many organizations around the world would adopt his “hobby” for their respective IT infrastructure? In short, if you want to join a large organization, the chances of that company using Linux in some way or as a primary operating system are significant. Therefore, learning Linux should be treated as a priority. Regardless of your area of ​​expertise, this knowledge is considered a differential by specialists worldwide.

Why Is This Good?

Let’s say that you manage the systems of an organization with specific needs. In other words, a change or improvement in the OS may be necessary. Windows can’t give you that, but Linux can. Of course, there are pros and cons.

Importance and Appreciation

Knowing Linux is no longer a differential and became a necessity in the job market. In many cases, in job openings, knowledge of Linux is mandatory. This can happen to developers, DBAs and, of course, system administrators.

Linux servers are increasingly in evidence in large companies. Later on, you will see the list of organizations, applications and companies that have already adopted Linux. The result of this is a global appreciation of the professional capable of working with this technology.

According to the report by The Linux Foundation, about 60% of the hiring companies are looking for a professional with knowledge in Linux, and 87% of the companies say it is difficult to find a professional with expertise in the system.

The appreciation of professionals who know Linux is remarkable, both in this country and abroad. According to the job site SINE, the average salary for a Linux junior specialist in an average company is $ 3,751.32, increasing to up to $ 9,524.85 in a large company. And, if you have recognized certifications, you can earn up to 18% more than your colleagues.

Summary of the story, learning Linux will bring you immediate appreciation and, of course, leverage your IT career, regardless of your area of ​​expertise.

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